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Shabbat Songs

Shabbat is such a special time, both at camp and at home. Celebrate Shabbat, Camp style, by downloading, singing along with, and teaching your family the Shabbat Songs that you know and love from camp.

Airy Bim Bam
Airy Bim Bam SongAiry Bim Bam Song

Airy Blessing of the Children
Airy_Blessing_of_the_ChildrenAiry Bim Bam Song

Airy Boee Kallah
Airy_Boee_KallahAiry Bim Bam Song

Airy Candle Blessing
Airy_Candle_BlessingAiry Bim Bam Song

Airy Hamotzi
Airy_HamotziAiry Bim Bam Song

Airy Kiddush
Airy_KiddushAiry Bim Bam Song

Airy Shalom Aleichem
Airy_Shalom_AleichemAiry Bim Bam Song

Airy/Louise Goodnight
airylouise_goodnightAiry Bim Bam Song

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