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Leadership TrainingLeadership Training

Older campers have the unique opportunity of learning to lead at Camps Airy & Louise. Our immersive program introduces rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders what it takes to take charge. Over three summers, these campers develop leadership skills that serve them well at camp and beyond.


Campers entering grade 10 receive introduction to leadership training over their 3-4 weeks at camp. Senior trainees receive 15 service hours at the completion of the program.


Campers entering grade 11 get a taste of counselor duties and mentorship from camp staff. At the end of the three or four week session, Counselor Assistants, or CAs as they are referred to at camp, receive 40 service hours.


Counselors-In-Training (CITs) gear up for greatness as future Camp Airy & Louise staff. While participating in the program, campers master leadership skills that will be used both in and outside of camp. They also learn a defined set of job skills related to childcare in a residential camp setting. CITs will spend time participating in and learning about specific components of the operations of camp. Those who successfully complete the program have the opportunity to apply to be a fully trained member of our staff following their graduation from high school.

Continuing to experience Camps Airy & Louise as a camper is key to this seven-week experience. CITs enjoy activities and programs focused to their age group as well as participation in camp-wide programming.

The Trainee Program includes:

Bunk Experiences

To gain a working knowledge of children in a camp setting. During this experience, Trainees will:

Participate in bunk routines (cleanup, meals, games, evening activities, etc.) Observe counselors in their leadership and teaching roles Assist in planning special events and programs at an age appropriate level Assist in the supervision of campers

Department Experiences

To learn and teach specific camp activity skills. Trainees participate in all aspects of leading, teaching, developing and supervising a wide variety of activities during the course of their Department Experience.

Service Projects

To learn from a range of experiences that “giving back” is an essential part of Camps Airy & Louise. Trainees work within the camp community and with outside organizations throughout the summer.

Reviewing, Debriefing, and Discussing

To fully embrace key components of the Trainee experience. Trainees will have the opportunity to review the day’s events, activities and/or experiences with the intent of learning from each part of their participation. Both positive and constructive input is reviewed with the goal of enhancing their base of knowledge as a leader.


To give Trainees feedback as well as clear guidelines where improvement is needed. Evaluations take place on a regular basis, both informally and formally.

campfire-buildingParticipation in the Trainee Program also includes several special events and activities that are designed to recognize the extensive time commitment and energy that participants have made to the program.

Some school systems accept CIT program participation towards Community Service Hours. CITs receive 140 hours at the completion of the program. Participants are advised to check with their guidance counselor prior to camp if this is an additional goal for summer.

Finally, it is important that individuals who are considering participation in the CIT program, in particular, enter with the mindset that they are seriously considering becoming a member of the camp staff. While camp offers an excellent social component, this should not be the primary focus of an individual participating in their CIT Summer.

CIT Program Attendance Policy

In order to successfully complete the Counselor-In-Training program, candidates are required to attend the entire CIT session. This includes a portion of the staff orientation and the entire seven-week experience. Exceptions to this attendance requirement will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions about this, please contact the camp director.