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Why Camp LouiseWhy Camp Louise

We know there are many factors that come into play when considering if and where to send your daughter to camp. So why choose Camp Louise? We like to keep it simple with these top five reasons:

1. Our diverse programming appeals to all types of adventurers.

camp-louise-climbing-swingCamp Louise encourages every camper to embrace her inner artist, actress, athlete or rock star (to name just a few!). From our photo and video studios to our 600-seat outdoor theater, Louise has all the right resources and a talented staff to help jumpstart the imagination. And who knows? It might be just the creative spark needed to light a lifelong fire.

2. We’re affordable.

camp-louise-sewingThe cost of camp can be daunting, but Camp Louise prides itself on its affordability. Our campership program offers financial aid for campers in need, and we will work with interested families to try to make sure each would-be camper can partake in our summer adventures.

3. We’re time-tested.

camp-louise-campers-bunkCamp Louise has been building positive relationships through play for 90+ summers. Our mix of modern facilities plus experienced staff and tradition make us unique.

4. Single-gender camp allows campers to focus on building self-confidence, forming strong friendships and experiencing new activities.

camp-louise-gymnasticsWe help campers find their inner awesome free from outside pressures. They learn teamwork and leadership by working and collaborating daily with other young women in a supportive environment. We also offer co-ed activities with Camp Airy—like theater productions, out-of-camp trips, dances and more—that foster a positive relationship with our brother camp.

5. We’re Jewish and inclusive.

camp-louise-jewish-artWe embrace our faith as one part of the richly faceted experience we create at camp. We welcome campers and families of all practices to share their summers with us! For more information on Judiasm at camp, please visit here.