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A Day at LouiseA Day at Louise

Camp Louise values individuality, diversity and freedom of choice. For younger campers, we build daily schedules with lots of variety to help develop new interests and skills. As campers progress in age, they gain greater control over the activities they want to work on to further develop their skills and talents.

Here’s what a typical day might look like:

7:00 AM Nefesh
7:45 AM Wake up
8:25 AM Camp-Wide Line-up at Flag Pole
8:30 AM Breakfast
9:15 AM Bunk Clean-ups
10:00 AM First Activity
11:00 AM Second Activity
12:15 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Mail & Bunk Time
1:30 PM Third Activity*
2:30 PM Fourth Activity*
3:30 PM Fifth Activity*
4:30 PM Bunk/Shower Time
5:30 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Sixth Activity
8:00 PM Special Unit or Camp-Wide Evening Program
9:00 PM Bunk Time
9:30 PM Start of Lights out (beginning with younger campers)

*One afternoon activity period is a free swim for every camper, followed by a communal snack time.


Each night, the entire camp sings the Goodnight Song. Learn the words by watching the video below.

The Goodnight Song