Drop Off Day

Session 1L & 1S

Please plan to arrive between 8:00 and 10:30am. 


Luggage Drop-off
Drive to the gravel area across from the camp’s main gate, where you’ll learn your daughter’s bunk number and drop off her luggage. A maximum of 2 pieces of luggage are permitted to be dropped off.

After dropping off luggage, drive about 1 block to Ft. Ritchie and park in the designated area.  Shuttles will bring you back up to the Camp Louise entrance. 

Proceed to the check-in area to confirm pre-mailed forms, complete permission slips and sign up for add-on trips. In the event that there are outstanding medical questions, you will be directed to the Health Center for a consultation following registration completion.

Your daughter will be directed to the health screening area for temperature, weight and lice check. Once your camper is cleared by the Health Center staff, it’s time to head up the hill to her bunk!

Meet the Counselors
Wish her a great summer, say goodbye and head out of camp.



Luggage Drop-off and Parking
Drive into Camp Airy where you will be directed to the parking area. Staff will assist you with your luggage (2 pieces maximum, please).

Head to the gym to check in, complete any forms, check your medication order from Finksburg Pharmacy and sign up for trips.

Health Center
You will also be able to complete your son’s medical registration in the gym. Our Health Center staff will perform a brief health screening of each camper, which will include a temperature and lice check. Once your son is cleared by the Health Center staff, it is time to head uphill to his bunk!

Meet the Counselors
Meet your son’s counselors and Unit Leader. Wish him a great summer and say goodbye!

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