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Arrival & Check In



Click on your camper's session below for a comprehensive description of drop off and check in.
Note: Procedures are different for each session. 

SESSION 1 Long & 1 Short


SESSION 2 Long & 1 Rookie

SESSION 2 Rookie



Arrival procedures will also be emailed to families in the a few weeks before their camper's stay at camp. Campers cannot be admitted prior to the day and time they are scheduled to arrive at camp.

At Camps Airy & Louise, we invite all families to drive up to camp to drop-off their camper! We do not offer busses, and we love having parents and siblings meet their camper's counselor, key staff, and get a feel for camp before driving home.

When you arrive at camp, you'll be given your camper's bunk number and then continue the registration process. 

We recommend that families who are dropping campers off at both Airy & Louise, on the same day, "divide and conquer" if at all possible in order to expedite the check-in process. Please remember that one parent or guardian needs to be present at each camp. If you cannot "divide and conquer" we recommend you drop-off at Airy first, then head to Louise.

All campers must check-in with registration and be screened by the Medical Staff before they report to assigned bunks.

Parents are invited to meet the counselors and other staff members on the day the campers arrive. After such meetings, parents are encouraged to leave as soon as possible to facilitate the arrival of others and to allow the camping program to begin.


Families should schedule a doctor's exam within 1 year of the start of your camper's session to provide a complete and accurate picture of a his/her health. Please be certain to start checking the camper for head lice/nits well before his or her arrival at camp. This should be done in the same manner as it is done in the school system.

Your camper's health is an important aspect of the camping experience; we want to be sure that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. The camp's Medical Staff will review the completed Health History Form. In addition, parents should apprise Medical Staff of any recent changes in their camper's health. 


Do not bring pets to camp on arrival or departure days.

Please refrain from going to your camper's bunk until the registration process is complete.


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Camp Airy
14938 Old Camp Airy Rd.
Thurmont, MD  21788
2nd–12th Grade
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Camp Louise
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2nd–12th Grade