Write and write often...Write pleasant news. Please feel free to send letters in advance or drop off a few with your camper's counselor on the first day of camp. Please do not fax letters to your camper up at camp.

It has been our experience that letters from campers with complaints or requests to come home are often reactions to incidents such as striking out during a game, getting into a disagreement with a bunkmate, or not being selected for the lead in a play. Usually, by the time the letter reaches home, the child has had the opportunity to work through the concern with their counselors and friends. If you receive a letter from your child that worries you, please call the camp for assistance.

Louise Parents Send Mail To:
(Daughter’s Name)
(Bunk Number)
Camp Louise
24959 Pen Mar Road
Cascade, MD 21719

Airy Parents Send Mail To:
(Son’s Name)
(Bunk Number)
Camp Airy
14938 Old Camp Airy Road
Thurmont, MD 21788


Our camp Post Office will gladly accept parcels that are in an envelope that is no larger than 12” x 15” x ¾” and do not contain any food items.

Some examples are:

• A USPS Bubble Mailer
• A UPS Size 5 Envelope
• A FedEx Large Pak

Packages larger than the ones described above or any package containing food cannot be given to the Campers.  In keeping with these safety guidelines, please also remember not to pack any food items on opening day.

Should a package be received that does not meet these guidelines, our Post Office staff will send the Camper’s parents a postcard indicating the return address of the sender. This will serve as reminder to pick up the package on closing day. 

We encourage you to let relatives and friends know about this policy to avoid any disappointment that an undelivered package may cause.

Please don’t worry about your Camper being hungry!  We have canteen often and snack times daily, with more food choices than ever.

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit our package policy page. 


Through our partnership with, we have special arrangements for parents to e-mail their campers. In addition, parents will be provided with access to the Photo Gallery using a safe, secure, and easy-to-use format. Login information will be provided via email before arrival.


Campers will not be called to the telephone except in an emergency situation. Please do not call your camper at camp or instruct him or her to call you. Do not send your camper to camp with a cell phone.

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