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Our staff orientation and training programs have been developed to include a strong emphasis on handling concerns that may arise during the camping season. In addition, Camps Airy and Louise are fortunate to participate in a consultation program with Jewish Community Services. Behavior Specialists are available on a full time basis at each camp to assist staff and campers. Leadership staff will contact parents for additional input or to provide updates on a camper's progress as needed.


As parents make arrangements for the coming summer, they should be sure that they have taken the time to share all there is to share with us about the camper. Imagine the discomfort your camper might experience if you chose not to let us know about medications taken on a regular basis, or if we didn’t know that your child was experiencing a difficult moment at home or within the family. If a family chooses not to use a medication during the summer (sometimes referred to as a "medication vacation"), the impact of such a decision could influence not only their youngster, but also the other children in the bunk or activity. Sometimes family physicians and therapists are not quite aware of the summer camp environment and the structure and demands placed upon a camper during their stay. Families with questions should call the Camp Office to address these questions with a member of our administrative staff. Camps Airy and Louise reserves the right to send a camper home early should non-disclosed, pre-existing emotional or physical needs create problems or interfere with the camp experience for the camper or others.

The Camper Profile Form will help the camp staff help campers have a successful summer. It is available online at Please take a few moments to complete it and submit it to us no later than May 27, 2013.


Some campers come from family situations that involve divorce or separation. In these cases, families need to inform camp of the legal custodial parent arrangements prior to arrival. This goes a long way toward facilitating appropriate communication with families. All matters of communication will be maintained as confidentially as possible with custodial parents. Non-custodial parent communication is at the discretion of custodial parents.


We're on the Internet all summer long, too! Be sure to check out our website during your camper's stay in order to get the low-down on what's going on in the mountains.


Tobacco, alcohol, drugs and weapons will not be tolerated at either camp. The possession and/or use of any of these items will result in immediate dismissal with no refund of camp fees. Please see our Code-of-Conduct (a part of our Health History Form) for more information. 


Parents who will be out of town during their child's stay should provide the camps with an itinerary IN WRITING of your location and phone number. This itinerary can be given to the registrar on the first day of camp or mailed to the camp office in Thurmont (Airy) or Cascade (Louise).


Both camps offer elective instrumental music programs and drama productions. Campers who play instruments are encouraged to bring them to camp and join in these programs. The nature of some musical, drama or dance productions may be very time consuming and may take time away from other activities. Campers should be aware that once a commitment to a program is made, they must be wiling to give their time and to give up some other scheduled activities. In addition, parents should make certain any musical instruments brought to camp are included on their homeowner's insurance policy.


  • There are no parent visiting days.
  • Chewing gum, food from home, electric fans, scooters, expensive electronic games, pocket knives, TVs, DVD players, laptops, video cameras and cell phones are not allowed in camp.
  • Campers are not allowed to leave camp grounds at any time, with anyone except their own parents or guardians unless written permission has been given in advance to the Camp Director.
  • Parents should remember to include plenty of stamps and batteries when packing for camp since these items are not available for purchase.
  • Camp will provide a birthday treat to be shared with the bunk if a child is celebrating his/her birthday while away. It will be served at either lunch or dinner.
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