Campers are assigned to bunks according to school grade, and camp session. Activities are planned according to the interests and maturity of each group. Bunks of similar grade are grouped together to form a Unit. Unit Leaders plan and coordinate activities, provide guidance to the counselors and encourage campers to participate fully in the camp program. Unit Leaders supervise and maintain daily contact with campers and counselors. They also meet regularly with the Camp Director, Division Heads, Program Specialists and Department Heads.

We are very proud of our staff; they take great care of our campers during the summer season. It is not unusual for friendships to develop among campers, among staff and between campers and staff. Some staff and campers even arrange to see each other at events during the off-season. However, all parents must know that responsibility for our staff ceases with the closing of the summer camp season. Any contact with your child should be made only at your discretion and with your approval. Camps Airy and Louise do not encourage such continued contact, nor do the camps accept any responsibility for our staff once camp closes for the season.


Bunking requests must be submitted via CampinTouch accounts. Accounts will be become active in the spring, upon which you will receive a notification. 

  1. Limited to two (2)
  2. Reciprocal 
  3. In the same grade
  4. During the same session

Electronically submitted requests that comply with all of the above requirements are almost always accommodated. The most common reasons we cannot grant bunking requests are if they are not reciprocal, if the bunking request is entered after May 3rd or if we have had a request which says “Do not bunk my camper with....” It is our policy not to give out bunk placements prior to your arrival at camp.

Bunking Requests can be made through your CampInTouch Account (Coming Soon!).

PLEASE NOTE: We will always do our best to accommodate your bunking requests as noted above, but we will not guarantee bed placement next to friends in that bunk. Beds are pre-assigned as this assures that feeling of bunk unity that counselors work so hard to create. Parents are asked not to rearrange beds, as this does not help campers in the bunk.

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