2017 Awesome Fund Donor List



The Camps Airy & Louise Awesome Fund was created in November 2016 as our way to bring the community together to raise dollars to support our campership program. This summer, we will provide nearly $375,000 in camper support, thanks to a generous donation from the Straus Foundation of $275,000.

THANK YOU to the more than 400 donors who contributed to the Awesome Fund as part of our year end appeal – that number includes 280 first time donors! Your generosity has raised over $74,000 towards our $100,000 goal. Your support truly makes a difference, and we are grateful.

This list represents donations made between November 1, 2016 – August 8, 2017

Anonymous (5)

Camp Airy Order of the Leaf, Alumni Chapter

Camp Airy Order of the Leaf, Campus Chapter

Camp Airy Summer Staff 2017

Steve Abraham

Andi Abrams

Erin Schiff Abrams

Jake Abrams

Heather Abromowitz

Jenni and David Ackerman

The Adleberg Girls – Selma, Liz, Ali & Laura

Harry and Faye Adler

Advanced Business Systems

Sharon and Sean Agranov

Nancy Aiken

Sarah Alexander

Gemma Allan

Josh and Jessica (Silverberg) Alperstein

Maxwell Alpert

Debbie Apple

Theodore S. Apple and Sharon Harrison Apple

Molly Applefeld

The Arlen Family (Sydney, Jordan, Spencer, Jodi and Phil)

Steven and Marji (Carmel) Arnheim

The Aron Family

The Asp Family

Alisa and Scott Austin

Phil Austin

The Axelrod Family

Sharyn Aviv

Kim Bader

Jill Balk

Hannah Baron

Alivia Barton

David and Julie Barton

Tracy Baumgardner

Judy and Michael Baylin

Elizabeth Becker

Morgan Becker

Karen, Aaron, Rachel, Sam and Noah Becker

Josh and Amy Belkin

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Bender

Rachel Benowitz

Kimberly Benton

Eli Berger

Jessica Berger and Parents

Brian and Heidi (Flax) Berghuis

Neil and Alicia (Block) Berlin

Hannah, Marissa, and Ellie Berlin

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Berlin

William J. Binder Family Trust (Donald B. Farren, Trustee)

Melanie Blatt

Robert and Joan Block

Stephanie and Rodney Blockston

Bets and Eric Bloom

Eileen G. Bloom

Lois Masket Bloom

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blue

Jeri Weinstein Blum

Janet and Howard Blum

Marc Blumberg

Sharon Mackubin Blumberg

Jamie Blume

Paula Bragg

April Breslaw

Jon “Cheeseball” Bridge

Aaron & Leslie Brodsky

Elizabeth Adleberg Brodsky

Laura Brodsky

Keith Brooks

Matt Broudy

Lesli Brown

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brown

Andy and Melissa (Scherr) Brownstein

Alexandra Brownstein

Jeffrey Brownstein

Olivia Brownstein

Lauren Brownstein

Nancy Brundle

Camp Louise Camper Care Team

Camp Louise Circle

Lori and Gerry Campana

Bradd and Lauren Caplan

Jan and Andy Cardin

Sylvia and Ron Carmel

Christina and Butch Chappell

Heather and Ross Charkatz

Melissa and Neal Charkatz

Shelby Charnoff

Alyssa Chircus

Adam and Sarah Clay

Fran and Bob Clay

Amanda and Andy Coelho

Beth (Berlin), Matt, Avery, Micah, and Harper Cohen

Andrew Cohen and Nicola Goren

Marjorie and Jamie Cohen

Jennie Cohen

Joshua Cohen

Merav Cohen

Jacob Cooper

Lee Coplan

Brad Coppel

Kristin Cunningham

Laurie and Larry Cynkin

Caroline Davis and Randi Green

Danny Day

Rabbi Peggy DeProphetis

Vicky De Val

Ann Devine

Francesca Doherty

Abby Donaldson

Kira Drabble

Arthur Drager

Marilyn Dubin

Liza Dupler

The Dupler Family

Deborah Koplen and Stuart Dvorkin

Emily Egert

Philip Eisenberg

Leslie Elhai

Jeffrey and Saralyn Elkin Family Foundation
of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Marianne Ellison

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Esterson

Marisa and Drew Ezrine

Jolene Fabricant

Jennifer Falik and Brian Rains

Jamie Fanaroff

Michael and Suzanne Fanaroff

Leanna Feinleib

Jacob Felderstein

Jill Feinberg and David Fishkin

Wendy, Brian, Kayla, Jordyn, and Zachary Feldman

Joshua Feldman, Joanna Weymont

Elana and Sandy Fine

Joshua Fine

Mark & Kimberly (Hyatt) Fine

Melvin & Betty Fine Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fine,
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fine, Mr. Joshua Fine

Clark and Barbara Fineblum

Becky, Jason, Brent & Sarah Fischbein

Benjamin Fishman

Josh and Jamie Forman

Heather and Dan Frank

Alec Framm

Nicole Framm

Jordan Franzman

Dwayne, Stacy (Schwartz) and Logan Frazier

Wendy Fredericks

The Fribush Family

Ally and Joely Friedman

Robert and Pam (Pearlman) Friedman

Katie Friedman

John Galbraith

Bill and Steph Gelfeld

The Geller Family

Melissa and Casey Gendason

Jonathan Gerstl and Amy Bram

Stephanie & David Gertler

Karen and Dr. Manny Gerton

Barbara and Bill Gilmartin

Aaron Gillette

Julie Hailparn Ginns

Giving Tree Associates

The Glaun Family

The Glick Family

The Glickman Family

Melanie Gnatt

Max Goddard

Henri Goettel

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gold

Allie Goldberg and Sam Rosenkrantz

Justin Goldberg

Laurie Goldman

Jeff and Kristin Goldscher

Anne Silberman Golfer

Debi Sherson Goltz

Garrett Goltz

Stephanie and Benjamin Gordon

Aaron Gorman

Jonathan Grant

Benjamin Grausz

Alyssa Green

Ryan Green

Linsi Greenberg

Miriam Greenberg

Toni, Jake (CIT ’11), and Miriam (CIT ’16) Greenberg

Jake Gross

The Grossman Family

Lexi Hack

Lisa (Siegel) Hadley

Florence Hall

Daniel Hamburg

The Hammerman Family

Jamie and Jim Harper

Abbie Harris

Rachael Harvey

Shari Glubo Hawtof

Lucy Hayward

Todd M. Heine

Dr. Shelly Heller

Sarah Hiller

Rebecca Himberger

Eileen and Ned Himmelrich

Nathan and Andrew Hirschfeld

The Hirt Family

Erika and James Holderness

James Honke

Antonia Hughes

Jana Hummel

Gail and Eric Hyman

Benjamin Jablonover

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Jablonover

Lisa Gerton Jacobson and Evan Jacobson

Dominic Jones

Ally & Rooney Jordan

Lori and Howard Kader

Casey Kahalas

Helene Kahan

Amy Kahn

Aaron Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan

Matthew Kaplan

Lauren Winiker Kaplan

Nancy and Steve Karasik

Josh “Raptor Boy” Karp

The Kassimir Family

Jessica Katz

Nicholas M. Katz

Sam Katzker

Karl Kaufman

Zachary Kaufman

Margaret Kay

Lee Keagle

Jules Kirsch

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kirson

Robyn Kleiner-Vilgos

Benjamin Kohn

Jake Kotler

Jamie Kotler

Joanna Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Krause

Lawrence R. Kravitz

Janna Krizman & Derek Krizman

The Kuhn Family – Adam, Harriet, Abe, and Jacob

Debra Ladwig

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lasko

The Lasser Family

Jeff Lasser

Michelle Layton

Andrew and Ayme (Smith) Lederman

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Leikach

The Lerner Kenyon Family

Brooke Levenson

Ben and Cheryl Levey

Gloria Levin

Lesley Levin

Paul and Arriane Levine

Carole-Ann and Brahm Levine

Erica Levinson

Kelsey Levitt

Melanie Lasoff Levs

Danielle Levy

Stevan Levy

Theodore and Melissa Lieber

Priscilla Lindenauer

Joey and Johanna Liner

Kenny Liner

Zachary Lippman

Joe and Sally Little

Richard Loebl

Carla Schultz Loebman

Ellen Love

Jacob Lozinsky

Jennifer and David Lubitz

Jason Lynn-Framm

Jenna Mackie

Evan Madow

Joanne Mandato

Staci and Adam Mandelberg

Dr. Arnie Mann

Gill Marsden

Iris Maslow

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Matz

Rachel Scher McLean

Dr. Rachel Medvin

Faith, Ellie and Michelle Meyer

Kris and John Meyer

Jennifer and David Meyers

Abraham David Miller

Laurie Miller

Samuel Miller

Matt Mindel

Brian and Jessica Minkove

Doug, Hillary, and Ezra Mintz

Samuel Mircoff

Mr. George Mirmelstein

Jan Mirmelstein

Max Mohink

Kieran Neale

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Needleman

Emily and Annie Newmark

Gemma O’Connell

Rauseo and Seth Okin

Tara O’Neill

Oremland Family

Eric and Jennifer Orman

Ellen Osher

The Otto Family

Hunting Creek Outfitters

Carol Packer and Michael Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pargot

Gloria and George Pearlman

Judy and Art Pease

Melissa Perlin

Ryan and Lauren (Weingrad) Perlin

Jacklyn Perry

Ruthye Plump

Marlene Pollack

Pearl and Jean Pomerantz Camp Louise Campership Fund

Leslie Posner

Cristina and Ed Prensky

Evan and Ami (Weintraub) Rabinowitz

Rachel Rabinowitz and Family

Jacob Rains

Laura and Ian Rashkin

Lauren Reid

Dori and Steve Reissman

Michael Reiter

Maddie Elkan Respler

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Richman

Marilyn, Alan, Michael, and the late Andrew Riffkin

Cody and Jessica Riker

Ofir Rindenau

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rivitz

Lauren Roche

Marty, Pam, and Lilly Rochlin

Margie and David Rochlin

Gary Rogers

The Rollins Family

Henry Rose

Remi and Julie Smetana Rosenberg

The Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA’s Susan and David Rosenberg Family Fund

Betsy Rosenthal

Nicole Babus Rosenthal

Jonathan Rosenthal

Ada Pollock Rosmarin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rubin

Alexis Rudo

Gerald Russ

Rabbi Elissa and Missy Sachs-Kohen

Hadar Sagi

The Saks Family

Miranda Salters

Elise and David Saltzberg

Micah Saltzberg

Harry Sanderoff

Edna Sandler

Margie Sauber

Amanda Leiter and Sam Sankar

Brian Saval

Harry and Sandy Bresnick Saval

Maya Schaer

Marilyn and Barry Scheiner

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sherman

Rabbi Hal and Jena Schevitz

Christine and Peter Schiff

Erin Schiff

Barry and Elinor Schimel

Nicholas and Liza Schor

Sara and Blake Schreurs

Deb Schwab and Jay Weiner

Debby Schwaber

Jonathan and Jennie Faber Schwartz

Mr. Eric Schwartz

Joan and Jack Schwarz

Holly Seaman

Aaron Segal

The Seiken Family

Olivia Sellers

Laurie and Mitchell Serber

Dave and Jacque Seybold

Robert and Joni Lucas Shapiro

Lisa and Al Shay

Sarah Sherman

Dennis Shusman

Jordana Siegel

David and Christine Sigman

Ricci Silberman

Beth Silver and Adam Gruen

Sharon Silverman and Marc Hamburger

Amy and Robert Silverman

Mrs. Karen Silverman

Ronnie Silverstein

The Sloane Family

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slonim

Aliya Smelkinson

Jodi Cornblatt Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Smith

Jill and Jason Smulson

Andie Snyder and Adam Greenstein

Rebecca Snyder

Sue Sober and Allan Frank

Cassidy Solomon

Shannon and Neil Sparber

Jessica Sparkes

Stanley Steinberg

Stacy and David Struminger

Megan Sullivan

Debbie and Lou Taylor

Rina and Jeff Thaler

Dr. Edward Thompson

Dr. Steve and Ira Thompson

Wayne and Elana Thompson

Stephen Tonelson

Debbie and Michael Tow

Josh Tow

Sherill Treitel

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Tublin

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tublin

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Uddeme

Union Craft Brewing Co., LLC

Avshalom Uzzan

The Vartanian Family

Verizon Foundation

Susan and Bruce Vogel

Hallie and Howard Wallack

Noah Wallack

Andy and Laurie (Maier) Wasserman

Rodney Watkins

Bradlee Webb

Carrie and Matthew Weber

Paul and Nissa (Goldstein) Weinberg

Leslie Weinberg

The Weiner, Huber, Holstein, and McFaul Families

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Weinsweig

Steve and Paula Silverman Weisman

Cynthia Weiss and John Rice

Ellen Weiss and Aaron Cohen

Dr. Howard Weitz

Debra and Jim Weston

Carole and Doug White

Nicki and Steve Whitman

Alexis Windwer

Matt Winstanley

Becca Wolf

Blake and Laurie (Becker) Wollman

Kristin Wowak

Mr. Lawrence Yanowitch

Laurie Young

David Yule

Kinney Zalesne and Scott Siff

Ms. Zelda Zeitzoff

Ben and Robin (Ackerman) Zenick

Jonathan Zimmerman and Maya Lodish

Taryn, Jacquelin, Michelle & Glenn Zimmerman

Louise Kier Zirretta

Alisa Zlotoff-Fine

*This list represents donations made between November 1, 2016 – May 1, 2017

Add your name to our growing list of donors and help provide an unforgettable summer for our campers.

Support the Awesome Fund by making your gift online at www.airylouise.org/give or contacting Lauren Perlin, Director of Development at 410-843-7340 or lauren@airylouise.org.