Fantasy Football

Fantasy football online registration is now officially open! All campers and staff members interested in participating needs to sign up here

While Camp Airy just ended for the Summer 2014 season, the NFL season is about to get underway in a few short weeks! All campers and staff from 2014 are invited to participate in the brand new Airy Game Spot Fantasy Football League. It is completely free to play and gives your son a chance to win some cool prizes while also keeping in touch with his friends at camp.

In order to finalize his registration process, we need him to sign-up in two places. If your son is under the age of 14, you will need to sign him up.

1. Create a username at This is our platform.

When you go to Hover over the Fantasy Football logo at the top of the page. Click on Sign-In Click "Register Now"

2. Go to and do the following:

Find the Fantasy Football box and click on it. This takes you to the airygamespot registration page. Give us his name. Click that he's a camper. Provide us an e-mail or two he wants as his primary contact - whether his, yours, or both. Give us his username for Give us his Bunk # from this past summer.

The last step is he will have the option to play as an individual or a group. Here's what that means: Individual: Manage your own team Group: Manage a team with Camp Airy friends. If he clicks on group, we will ask for the full names of the friends that are managing the team with him. You can click both Individual and Group, which means that your son will have 2 teams - one with friends, and one that is his own team.


Note: The deadline to register is Monday, August 25. After that date, all the teams will be placed into a league at which point your son will receive information on the draft time. If you have any login or registration problems, send an e-mail to the Camp Airy Fantasy Football Commissioner, Andrew Rosendorf ( We look forward to seeing you on the virtual playing field! 

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