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Opening/Closing Day Procedures

Opening Day

We do not offer busses. Instead, We invite families to drive up to camp to drop off their camper. This gives families the opportunity to meet staff and see the facilities before heading home.

There will be signage and guides on opening day to help make the process as smooth and quick for everyone. If you need to drop off campers at both Airy & Louise, we recommend you “divide and conquer.” If, however, you are unable to, we suggest dropping off at Airy first. From our experience, we’ve observed that boys tend to say goodbye quicker than girls. Also, we ask that you do not bring pets on opening or closing days.

When you arrive, you’ll need to make a few stops before finally settling into the bunk:

Drop off times: 8:00 – 10:30 AM*

*Rookie Camp drop off: 9:00 – 10:00 AM



We will deliver the 2 largest pieces of luggage to your daughters bunk. You will be greeted with your camper’s bunk number and then asked to drop off the luggage. Our staff will diligently label your luggage to avoid confusion.


You will be directed to park in a designated area. Depending on the number of people dropping off, you will either park in front of the gates, or next-door at Fort Ritchie. If you are parked near Fort Ritchie, you will then receive a shuttle to the entrance.


You’ll proceed to the check-in area to confirm pre-mailed forms, complete permission slips, and sign up for add-on trips. This is also where your camper will receive her Camp T-Shirt and have her picture taken for our records.


Your daughter will be directed to a health screening area for temperature, weight and lice check. Meanwhile, you will fill out personal information about your camper so her counselors can get to know her better.


The best part of the whole check-in process is when you get to go to the bunk! Wear your walking shoes. If you are need of assistance, there will be golf cart shuttles available. Once your camper is unpacked and settled, we recommend you say goodbye promptly so that your daughter can begin getting to know her counselors and bunkmates.



You will be directed to park in the designated area. Staff will assist you with labeling and dropping off 2 pieces of luggage.


You will walk to the gym to confirm pre-mailed forms, complete permission slips, and sign up for add-on trips. This is also where your camper will receive his Camp T-Shirt and have his picture taken for our records.


You will proceed to the medical corner to complete a health screening including a temperature and lice check.


Now it’s time to head to the bunk. Shuttles will be available if you’d rather not walk up the famous “Airy Hill.” Once your camper is unpacked, he will be eager to start playing with his new bunkmates. Take the opportunity to meet the counselors and unit leader, and then wish him a great summer!

Closing Day

Closing Day times: 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Even if your camper writes home requesting you to come “as late as possible,” it’s not fun being the last one to be picked up (trust us). Also, we ask that you do not bring pets on arrival or departure days.

Before you arrive at the bunk, you’ll want to make a few stops:

  1. Check Out: You’ll receive the camper’s bunk photo, receive any packages that might have been sent to Mail Jail, and you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for next summer at a special discounted rate offered only on Pick Up Day.
  2. Health Center: If you have medication, stop by the health center to pick it up.
  3. Lost & Found: Your camper might claim they didn’t lose anything, but each summer we collect huge amounts of misplaced and unmarked items. Large items left behind will be taken to our Baltimore office and can be picked up there. Any items left after September 30th will be donated.

Staying in Touch


(Son’s Name) (Bunk #) Camp Airy
14938 Old Camp Airy Road
Thurmont, MD 21788


(Daughter’s Name) (Bunk #) Camp Louise
24959 Pen Mar Road
Cascade, MD 21719

Write your campers, and write them often. You’re invited to bring letters on opening day and drop them off with your camper’s counselor on opening day. Please only write pleasant news. Not receiving any letters? Your camper is having too much fun! Feel free to contact camp to ask your camper’s Unit Leader for more letters.

Note: It has been our experience that letters from campers with complaints or requests to come home are often reactions to incidents such as striking out during a game, getting into a disagreement with a bunkmate, or not being selected for the lead in a play. Usually, by the time the letter reaches home, the child has the opportunity to work through the issue with their counselors and friends. If you receive a letter that worries you however, please call camp for assistance.

Package Policy

Our Camp Post Office accepts parcels that are in an envelope that is no larger than 12” x 15” x ¾” and do not contain any food items.

Some examples are:

  • A USPS Bubble Mailer A UPS Size 5 Envelope
  • A FedEx Large Pak

Packages larger than the ones described above or any package containing food cannot be given to the Campers. In keeping with safety guidelines for food allergies, please also remember not to pack any food items on opening day.

Should a package be received that does not meet these guidelines, our Post Office staff will send the Camper’s parents a postcard indicating the return address of the sender. This will serve as reminder to pick up the package on closing day from the “Mail Jail.”

We encourage you to let relatives and friends know about this policy to avoid any disappointment that an undelivered package may cause.

Forgotten Item

If your camper forgets something that doesn’t fit into the size requirements, mail the package to “The Camp Office-Forgotten Item” with a note with the Camper’s name and bunk number. We’ll open the package in the Post Office and deliver the item to your child. All inappropriate items (i.e., food) will be discarded.

Looking for inspiration?

Visit our Pinterest board for suggestions that fit our policy.

Photos, Videos and Social Media

During the summer, there are several ways to stay informed of your campers experience.


You can view photos posted daily through your CampInTouch account. We will update as often as we can and try to capture as many campers as possible. Save your favorite photos, as they will be removed annually.





Camp-wide events are filmed and uploaded to each camp’s Vimeo page. Also, campers sign up for video workshops that teach them our to script, film and edit their own videos. Most of these videos are uploaded as well.

Camp AiryCamp Louise


Social Media

Daily updates can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on all our networks to stay up-to-date about all the happenings on the mountains! If you receive funny mail, email us pictures to share on our Facebook page.

Camps Airy & Louise





Camp Airy





Camp Louise






The directors write a blog each night summarizing the day’s events for you. Visit it daily to hear about what’s going on at camp. You’ll also receive updates from your child’s Unit Leader several times during the session. With all of these updates, you’ll feel like you’re here!