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Safety, Security & CommunicationSafety, Security & Communication

post2We want to assure our camp families that planning the summer for your camper really means serving your family. Your assurance that camp remains a safe, secure environment for your child is an important part of our planning. In that respect, Airy and Louise work with state and local authorities to ensure the safety of our campers and staff throughout the summer. We share this note in response to some calls from camp families, noting and acknowledging their concerns regarding the world around us. Camp has 24-hour on site security coverage throughout the summer season.

Complete and effective communication with parents regarding Camper’s health is paramount during every Camper’s stay at Camp.

The Health Center Staff will contact a parent:

  1. When Camper is admitted to the Health Center for an overnight stay
  2. When Camper receives a concussion
  3. When need for off-site medical care is warranted
  4. Commencement of antibiotic or steroids
  5. Adverse reaction to medication or treatment
  6. At the discretion of the Health Center Staff for any other reason