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Social Media

Even though we are no longer on the mountain, we still think about it 24/7. Follow us on social media:

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Bunkmate Contact Info

camp-airy-group-walkingWe do not give out contact information of campers unless explicitly given permission. If you are in search of a bunkmate’s info, contact us. We will get in touch with the family to get approval to send it to you.


During the off-season, we plan events to bring our campers and staff back together. In the past, we’ve reunited at camp, at Splashdown in Columbia, and Larry Sheets’ Players to name a few. Every fall, we plan a new and unique program. Stay tuned for more information about this year’s reunion.

Lost & Found

Missing something? We hold on to items for a short time period (enough time for you to get home, unpack and realize something is missing), and then we donate the items to a local charity. Contact us to see if we still have your missing item.


Anyone over 18 years old who either attended Camps Airy & Louise or worked at some point at either camp is eligible to be an alumni of camp. To find out more about how to get involved, visit our Alumni guide.

Camp Clothing

The best way to stay connected to the camp community is by wearing your camp pride. Our camp store is updated with new items regularly. Want a specific item in the store? Contact us with your request.
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