The Arts

One of the highlights of the program at Camp Louise lies in the Arts Program. At the beginning of each session, campers are encouraged to sign-up for or audition for one of the shows that rehearse throughout the session. Website pictures of these events go up immediately afterwards. Also, all productions are filmed and available for purchase during the summer—a memory to have for a lifetime and share with friends and family at home!

Drama Productions

Due to the extensive rehearsal process needed to complete a show, these productions are only available for campers staying a a full session.

  1. Main Stage Musical (all campers)
    A show-stopping musical is chosen each session and worked on daily to present to both camps Airy and Louise over two evenings. Campers rehearse for all 5 periods during the day (with breaks) and their hard work sure pays off! Campers have the opportunity to be in the musical production at Camp Airy-arriving in the morning and rehearsing until dinner. At both Airy and Louise, campers work with seasoned staff who oversee directing, choreography, and musical direction. This music, drama and dance collaboration is a highlight of the summer! Campers are also welcome to audition for the show at Camp Airy and rehearse there during the day. 
  2. Non-Musical Short Plays (all campers)
    For any camper interested in participating in a non-musical theatrical production, this show rehearses for a few periods each week. Concentrating on characterization, these non-musical short plays are great highlight to the summer schedule and are performed for the entire camp. Qualified drama staff members serve as mentors and directors for these production.

* All campers are encouraged to assist in these productions by signing up to be on stage-crew or helping with sets or props.

Dance Production

At the end of each full session, campers participate in and enjoy a spectacular dance concert. Campers audition for dance and are assigned based on both age and skill. One period each day is reserved to rehearse each specific dance. This is a great way for a camper to begin her dance experience or continue her practice by participating in many different dances.

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